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🔨 Step-by-Step Guide to Applying Wall Textures

Learn how to apply wall textures with our step-by-step guide. Prepare the wall, choose the texture, apply it evenly, and paint over it for a stunning textured wall.

Step-by-Step Guide to Applying Wall Textures

A clean, primed wall ready for texture application
Step 1: Prepare the Wall
Start by cleaning the wall and removing any existing paint or wallpaper. Fill in any holes or cracks with a suitable filler. Once the wall is clean and dry, apply a primer to ensure the texture will adhere properly.
Different types of wall textures displayed
Step 2: Choose Your Texture
Decide on the type of texture you want to apply. This could be knockdown, orange peel, popcorn, or swirl. Each texture creates a different aesthetic, so choose one that fits your space and style.
Texture being applied to a wall with a trowel
Step 3: Apply the Texture
Follow the instructions specific to your chosen texture. This usually involves applying the texture material with a trowel or spray gun. Be sure to apply it evenly across the wall for a consistent look.
Paint being applied over a textured wall
Step 4: Paint Over the Texture
Once the texture is dry, you can paint over it. Use a paint that's suitable for textured walls to ensure it adheres properly and enhances the texture's effect.

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